May 29th Last CMS tool to create sites.

Want to have the last tool to create sites?Our SiteBuilder is an easy to use, scalable web application designed to create and manage websites. This next-generation software can be integrated into any business process. Our SiteBuilder is the ideal marketing tool for converting your site traffic into a new client base.Our SiteBuilder includes an ... Leer Más »

May 30th Mobility is Lifestyle… Is Your Website Ready?

The world of Internet access has expanded dramatically with smartphones and tablets for the last months. The times of the barest need a “traditional” PC are behind us, and the Internet has penetrated into each part of our lives along with the need of making decisions on the move. People want to stay online every minute and use mobile devices ... Leer Más »

May 7th Augmenter les attaques malveillantes sur Internet

Les attaques malveillantes sur Internet ont augmenté de 81% en 2011 par rapport à 2010, selon le rapport annuel de la firme de sécurité Symantec. Cette entreprise l'année dernière bloqué 5,5 milliards d'attaques malveillantes, a détecté une augmentation de pages web infectées, en particulier religieux, et les actions contre les foyers ... Leer Más »

Apr 19th Tendenze di Nuvola Informatica sul mercato

Flessibilità, autocontrollo e pagamento per l'uso, fanno di questa infrastruttura uno strumento indispensabile. I dirigenti delle imprese sottolineano l'importanza dei sistemi di sicurezza. La Nuvola Informatica è rapidamente diventato indispensabile nel mercato, che rappresenta una vera e propria evoluzione nel modo di fornire servizi e ... Leer Más »

Apr 10th Protect your company of the common computer hacks.

Social networks are one of the most efficient mechanisms of contact between companies and their consumers. Firms may know, through, networks such as Facebook and Twitter what customers think about, what they want and what they perceive from the products. But everything, on the subject of Internet, it is not rosy. As rice abound experts and ... Leer Más »

Mar 19th Humans only generate half of Internet traffic

5% of the total traffic on the Internet is linked to hacking tools, specialized in information theft. Internet users generate less than half of the total Web traffic, while the remainder is generated through automated actions. 31% of the traffic's main objective is to damage the web. 5% of the total traffic on the Internet is linked to hacking ... Leer Más »

Mar 15th Internet offers many advantages and they should be exploited

Let us see the use and management of social networks from the point of view of the company. The management of social networks aims a closer relationship with users, benefiting both them and the company itself. Good management in social networks may not have as direct objective to generate income, but does not conflict with the billing or the ... Leer Más »